Kaputa Parliamentarian outlines government plan

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Kaputa Member of Parliament, Maxas Ng’onga has revealed that government will this year construct two clinics in Mofwe Ward in his constituency.


Mr Ng’onga said all the material for one clinic is already in place adding that the construction of the clinic will therefore start very soon.


The Member of Parliament who was addressing residents in the ward yesterday said the other clinic which will also start soon will be from the over 600 clinics government has lined up for construction across the country being financed by the Indian government.


Earlier, there was confusion as residents from two sections in the ward wanted different projects and this was only resolved through a vote.


While the people in Kasepa area wanted a clinic, the people in Mukonkoto wanted a maize storage shade much to the dismay of the other group.


But Mr Ngönga praised the people for choosing a clinic over a storage shade saying it will help reduce the distance covered to access medical services.


Mr Ng’onga further called on the people in the ward to put aside their political differences and work towards developing the area.


And Mofwe Ward Councillor, Stanley Chipasha who is from the opposition MMD observed that the area has remained underdeveloped for years because of the squabbles.


Mr Chipasha said people in the ward are not cooperative, a situation he said is making it difficult to deliver development in the area.


He has however, promised the people in his ward who wanted a storage shade not to despair as he will also fight to ensure that the shade is also constructed soon.


Meanwhile, Chief Mukupa Kandula has also called on people in the area to stop the unnecessary politicking and instead concentrate on developing the area.


The traditional leader said politics should be left to politicians while residents should unity in fostering development in the area.


He warned that if the fighting persists, government will bypass the area and take development to other parts of the district.