India, Japan, Egypt, Burundi envoys present credentials to Zambia

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President Michael Sata this morning received letters of credence from four ambassadors designate to the Republic of Zambia at State House in Lusaka.

Those that presented their letters of credence to the Head of State include Indian High Commissioner Gaddam Dharmendra, Egyptian Ambassador Ragai Tawfik Said Nasr, Japanese Ambassador Kiyoshi Koinuma and Burundi Ambassador Louis Ciza.


Vice President Guy Scott, Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Gabriel Namulambe and other senior government officials attended the ceremony.

Speaking when he presented his letters of credence, Indian High Commissioner designate to Zambia Gaddam Dharmendra said his country was deeply desirous of energizing its bilateral relations with Zambia.

Mr. Dharmendra said India wants to work closely with the Zambian people in order to contribute to all sectors of the country’s economy from the provision of healthcare to the development of Zambia’s agricultural resources.

He said India was also committed to contribute to Zambia’s infrastructure, both socio-economic and physical infrastructure.

Mr. Dharmendra said the government of India has also been extending grants and concession loans to Zambia, saying his country recently operationalised a US$50 million line of credit for the construction of 650 health posts across the country.

He said this follows the footsteps of the utilization of an earlier line of credit of US$50 million, which was for the construction of the Itezhi Tezhi hydro power station.

Mr. Dharmendra further said a grant of US$5 million will be released shortly for the construction of a women and child hospital in Lusaka district.

He said the government of India has already committed US$40 million for agricultural mechanisation project.

The Indian envoy said in this regard, India is waiting for proposals from the government of Zambia.

He said the two governments were currently exchanging ideas on how to work together to promote and strengthen Zambia’s textile, handloom and railways sector.

Mr. Dharmendra said there was still considerable untapped potential for boosting the bilateral, commercial and trade relations between India and Zambia.

And Egyptian Ambassador designate to Zambia Ragai Tawfik Said Nasr said his country was ready to offer its expertise in various fields in order to propel Zambia’s social and economic development.

Ambassador Nasr said he was confident that Egypt’s cooperation with Zambia in different sectors of the country’s economy will be for the benefit of both countries.

Meanwhile, Japanese Ambassador designate to Zambia Kiyoshi Koinuma reiterated Japan’s commitment to promoting trade and investment in Zambia for the growth of the country’s economy.