Thirty pigs impounded in Choma

pig farm
pig farm

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Choma has impounded 30 pigs from Kalomo which were destined to Lusaka following the ban on the movement of pigs in Southern province.

Choma District Veterinary officer, Alex Hachangu confirmed the development in an exclusive interview with the National Agricultural Information Services in Choma today.

Dr Hachangu said the pigs have been impounded following an outbreak of the African Swine fever in Kalomo two weeks ago.

He said out of 30 pigs impounded, 23 are female while 7 are male and will remain quarantined in Choma until the ministry of agriculture and livestock in Lusaka issue directives on how to deal with them.

He noted that experts from Lusaka where called to investigate the outbreak of the disease in Kalomo two weeks ago and confirmed African Swine fever positive cases.

Dr Hachangu told NAIS that the pigs have since been quarantined in Choma to observe them for any clinical signs and samples have since been sent to Lusaka to test them against the African Swine fever.

He was however quick to note that his office is waiting for directives from superiors in Lusaka concerning the fate of the impounded pigs.

Dr Hachangu stated that the department of veterinary has carried out massive awareness campaigns on the ban for the movement of pigs.

“We have sensitized farmers and traders about the importance of the ban but traders have chosen to ignore the order,” he said.

Dr Hachangu said traders are the ones who are flouting the law as they are involved in the  movement  of  pigs from Kalomo through Chikanta and Macha transporting the pigs to Lusaka using calculated  means to elude veterinary authorities.

He called on farmers and traders to exercise patience as the ban is temporal and has been done in their best interest.

Dr Hachangu clarified that the ban will be lifted once the situation normalizes and both farmers and traders will be at liberty to move their animals.

The senior veterinary officer stated that African Swine fever is a disease of national economical importance and a ban is supposed to be effected once there is an outbreak.