Mayor unhappy with underage patrons


Kalulushi Mayor Howard Simpemba has expressed disappointment at the number of under-aged patrons in bars and other premises where liquor is sold.

Councilor Simpemba said this in Kalulushi today during a meeting with business traders held at Kalulushi Secondary School.

He said the leadership in the district was greatly disturbed by the number of children below the age of 18 years that were patronising bars and other places where liquor was sold.

Councillor Simpemba told the business traders that selling liquor to under-aged children is unacceptable and should not be allowed or tolerated.

The civic leader has also warned all the liqour traders that had the habit of disturbing the neighbourhoods by playing loud music from their bars and taverns to desist the practice.

He said noise pollution was a serious offence under the law, adding that anyone found making noise such as playing loud music faced arrest and prosecution.

Mr Simpemba further told the business traders to ensure that they kept their premises clean at all times, adding that hygiene should not be overlooked in public places such as bars and restaurants.

He warned the traders that any public place or premises that would be found to be in unsanitary condition would be closed without warning by the council’s public section.

He also warned the shop owners that sold or dealt in food products not to sale to the public foods that had expired or were suspected to be contaminated.

Meanwhile, Councillor Simpemba has said t it’s the duty of the traders to ensure that they observe every aspect of the law that government has put in place to regulate the conduct of business in the country.

The civic leader also said it would be illegal and a breach of law for a trader to be operating a business before obtaining a licence or business permit from the Council.