Govt. urged to hasten establishment of public workers union bank.

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—– Secondary Schools Teachers Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) General Secretary Wamuyuwa Sitibekiso says government  should  hastily create the much awaited public workers union bank.



Mr, Sitibekiso says the creation of  the bank will help in the speedy disbursement of loans to public workers.




He stressed that more civil servants will be captured if a bank is established. 



ZANIS reports that the SESTUZ General Secretary said this in an interview in Lusaka, today.



Mr Sitibekiso noted that since government introduced public service micro finance a good number of SESTUZ members have benefited from the loans.



The  Secretary General said the plight of the members has improved due to the low percentage charged on the loans.



He recalled that in the past civil servants were being charged  abnormal rates by lending financial institutions.



Mr Sitibekiso said the number of teachers flocking to micro financial lending institution has drastically reduced.



He noted that micro financial leading institution have felt the impact of the government loans as most of the institution are  shunned by public works.  



The Secretary General appealed to government to work at capturing more public workers.



Meanwhile Mr Sitibekiso says the union has not received any complaints from its members concerning the disbursement of the government loans.