Cattle diseases tops the rest of animal diseases in Mkushi

Zambeef cows

Veterinary department in Mkushi district has reported that cattle diseases topped the animal disease grand totals for the year 2013.

Mkushi District Veterinary Officer, Mitson Simuyala told ZANIS that 122 cases of East Coast Fever, 100 cases of Lumpy Skin Diseases, 48 cases of Anaplasmosis, and 3 cases of Black leg disease were recorded last year.

Mr Simuyala said that the grand total for these cases came to 273, adding that several parts of the district recorded high concentration of disease outbreaks.

He noted that Fiwila area recorded the highest number of Lumpy skin disease while outbreaks of East Coast Fever and Anaplasmosis had occurred mostly in Masansa and Chalata catchment areas.

He said that in response to the outbreaks, his office had facilitated the vaccination of 263 cattle against Lumpy skin disease as well as 175 against Black leg disease.

In reference to Poultry, Mr Simuyala disclosed that a total of 246 cases of Newcastle and 15 cases of Gumboro disease were recorded last year.

He said that Newcastle disease outbreaks had mostly been recorded in areas such as Mkushi Boma, Ilume, Musakamba and Masansa.

He said that the reported cases of Gumboro disease outbreak had come entirely from Chalata area.

Mr Simuyala however pointed out that escalating dog bite cases had raised concerns related to the spread of Rabies as a total 197 dog bites were recorded last year.

He explained that out of these cases, 191 had been dog bites whilst 6 had been Jackal bites.

He said that the dog bites were most rampant in areas such as the Boma, Nkumbi and Ilume, while jackal bites were recorded in areas such as Kakushi, Miloso and Masansa.

Mr Simuyala noted that despite vaccinating 2,102 dogs against Rabies, his office was looking forward to the commencement of joint efforts with Mkushi Council, involving measures aimed at limiting dog population and eliminating the danger of Rabies spread.