Youths urged to start demanding fulfillment promises by PF

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Youth Vision Zambia has urged youths in the country to start demanding what the Patriotic Front promised them.

Youth Vision Zambia Executive Director, Amos Mwale has told Qfm that Zambian youths were promised a number of things by the ruling party while in opposition, among them sustainable jobs and access to education which they should demand the PF fulfills this year.

Mr. Mwale notes that not much has been seen in terms of creating sustainable and descent jobs for the young people, despite pronouncements by government of the jobs created in 2013.

He says if youths are not given what they want, they should be ready to act and show the ruling party that they cannot be taken for granted by being given fake promises.

Mr Mwale has also encouraged young people to work extra hard and contribute to the economic development of the country and prove to the government that they can also equally contribute to economic development. QFM