Radiation authority to introduce toll free lines

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The Radiation Protection Authority (RPA) is contemplating introducing a toll free line to enable Zambian citizens to report any cases of radiation in their area.

RPA Acting Director Boster Siwila said the toll free line will enable the institution carry out its mandate of protecting workers, the public and the environment from ionized radiation which may cause severe effects to the public.

Mr. Siwila told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka that people must be sensitised about effects of ionized radiation, which is however useful in road construction and hospitals.

He has since appealed to the member of the public, who have intentions of being involved in radiation related businesses such as mining, to register with the Radiation Protection Authority (RPA) so that their lives and businesses may be protected.

He said people working in environments that have ionized radiation should be advised on handling this emission.

He noted that failure to register with the institution was an offence under the laws of Zambia and attracts punitive action.

He further advised business persons to register so that they may avoid posing a danger both to their business and the public.