Head teacher calls for dormitory constructions

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Head teacher calls for dormitory constructions


Kapiri Mposhi, January 7, ZANIS —-A school head teacher at Lukomba Secondary School in Kapiri Mposhi has implored government to speed up the construction of dormitories at the school to counter the soaring cases of early pregnancies and HIV amongst girl pupils at the learning institution.


Lukomba Secondary School Head teacher Alfred Moonga said most pupils who come from far flung areas at the recently upgraded Secondary school are forced to rent rooms in the nearby villages because of lack of boarding facilities at the learning institution.


Mr Moonga told Kapiri Mposhi Member of Parliament, Eddie Musonda who visited the school that most girls are being lured into illicit activities such as sex and beer drinking by men in the community in which they are renting houses.


“Most of our girls are dropping out of school while others are contracting HIV and getting pregnancies because they are staying on their own in the nearby community where they are renting rooms because of lack of dormitories at our school,” Mr Moonga said.


Mr Moonga added that most pupils at the school were also frequenting drinking places which are located nearby the school due to lack of guidance and teacher monitoring because they stay on their own.


Last year 16 school girls at Lukomba Secondary School dropped out of school after been impregnated during the year’s school calendar.


The school was recently upgraded to a secondary school and runs from Grades one to 12.


Government intends to build boarding facilities alongside some new classrooms at the learning institution.