Chibombo receives 100% farming inputs

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Chibombo district in Central province has received all farming inputs for 2013/2014 under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).


Chibombo District Commissioner (DC) Felix Mangwato said the district received seed, basal and top dressing fertilisers needed for the farmers.

Mr. Mangwato said this in an interview with ZANIS in Chibombo but could not disclose the break-down of the quantities.


He commended the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for dispatching the bags of seed, D-compound and urea fertilizer to the district.

He said government was determined to enhancing food security at district, province and national level respectively.


Mr. Mangwato has since warned farmers in the area against selling the inputs instead of using them to enhance food security and domestic economic stability.


Meanwhile, Mr. Mangwato has disclosed that government was rehabilitating all the feeder roads in the area in order to accelerate the transportation of agricultural inputs in the district.