Lusaka residents feel PF is taking Zambians for granted

PF Cadres in
PF Cadres in

Some Lusaka residents have accused the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of taking them for granted for failing to produce the people driven constitution as promised when in the opposition.

Some of the residents talked to by QFM News in random interviews have reminded the PF that they will not be in power forever.

They say the ruling party should not forget that they were put in power by the people of Zambia and the same people will decide their fate in 2016.

Charles Mushota,a Lusaka businessman, has said the PF should learn a lesson from what happened to the MMD which was voted out of office because it could not listen to the people.

Mr. Mushota says the PF is frustrating the people of Zambia.

And Margret Chimanse says it is disappointing that the constitution has died such kind of a death after spending so much money on the process.

She adds that the PF should stop making any pronouncements because the party has lamentably failed to fulfill their 2011 campaign promises.

And John Daka has advised and encouraged the civil society not to relent but fight hard and ensure that the constitution is released to the people because it belongs to the Zambian people.

And Kanchele Simbotwa, says most Zambians have learnt a lesson from vote experimenting.

And Chanda Kapita has urged the Zambian people to support Civil Society Organizations, Political Parties, Student Unions, Church Mother Bodies and other relevant organizations pushing for the release of final draft constitution.