Mailoni’s wife, son tell it all!


WIFE of Fabiano, one of the killer Mailoni brothers, has told it all – they were bad people and Zambia is safer in their absence.
Fact, the notorious Mailoni brothers are dead; fact, their mother is relieved; fact, wife of one of them is happy and so is his 12-year-old son!
“They killed my father [Rabson Mondoka] and they wanted to kill me. They were very bad people,” said Eredina as she unmasked the evil of the brothers last week.
“He [Fabiano] used to sleep with an axe and a sword and he would leave the house in middle of night. When I asked him, he would beat me up saying I am a Satanist,” recalled Eredina of his former husband, with whom she had four children.
She said the three brothers were hunters and some sort of business entrepreneurs who wanted to get rich. They sought the ‘services’ of a named witchdoctor, and legend has it that they disobeyed some critical instructions and, as a result, compromised their mental faculties.
“He started throwing away the food which I was cooking, saying I was a Satanist. He also used to throw away my clothes and there were times when he used to forget me,” said Eredina, who now lives in Chief Mukonchi’s area, where she is now happily married.
“When I married Tunda [as Fabiano is known] in 1997, he was just okay, a very good and caring husband but this started to change towards the end (2007). After visiting a witchdoctor, they changed and that is how we divorced and I went back to my parents’ home when I was expecting his last child, Christine, who was born in 2007. He never saw Christine,” said Eredina.
After the divorce, which was instigated by the fear of death, Tunda and his brothers raided Eredina’s home and killed her father.
“That is why I am happy that they killed him [Tunda] and his brothers because they were very bad people,” she said.
She knew she was the next target and that is how she left Chief Chembe in Luano Valley and settled in Chief Mukonchi in Kapiri Mposhi.
One of Tunda’s  daughters, Miniver, is now married. She is 16.
The Mailoni brothers – Fabiano alias Tunda, Stefano and Mika – killed about 12 people in a space of five years before they met their waterloo last June.
Tunda’s oldest son, Mwape, has no regrets that his father was killed; he, in fact, is happy.
“I am happy that my father was killed,” said Mwape Mailoni.
“I am happy that he was killed because he used to kill people,” says Mwape, wearing a brave face and wiping beads of water that formed on his face following a drizzle.
The Mailoni brothers’ mother, Janet Njimu, lives in some ramshackle house on a small plot on the outskirts of Kabwe. She lives with her son, Nelson.
On the day of the interview around 16:00 hours, she had not had a meal and she visibly quivered as she sat in Nelson’s dwelling, which badly leaked because of a shower. It is made of plastic and grass, perhaps a sign of extreme poverty.
Though her story corroborates with Eredina’s, it adds another dimension to the tale; she says Tunda was sick after seeking medication from a well-known witchdoctor.
“They wanted to be rich and went to a witchdoctor. When they came back, they started beating me up. I was only saved by Nelson as you may know that my husband died a long time ago [1986]. Then they went into the bush and started killing people,” she said.
As the death toll rose, people wanted to vent their anger on Janet and that is how security officers relocated her from Chief Chembe to Kabwe.
“One of the people who burnt my houses was actually arrested and later imprisoned,” recalled Janet, who complained more about her poverty than the death of her sons.
“It’s okay that they died although I should have known where they were buried. They [security personnel] said they would call me to know where they would be buried but they never came. But it’s still okay as my sons caused their own death,” Janet said, rather half-heartedly.
“The womb always reacts differently…you know they were my children but it’s okay because they were killing people and would have killed me also.”
But Janet has a complaint.
“Some Government officials said they would help me with maize seed and fertiliser but they have not delivered yet,” she said as she pointed at her mini maize field smaller than the size of an average tennis court.
In the meantime, Nelson, 61, was at a nearby bar ‘relaxing’.
He, too, had no kind words for his brothers: “We’re enjoying without them.


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