Govt urges people not to panic with the presence of refugees

Mai Mai fighter DRC
Government has appealed to the people of Luapula Province not to panic following the influx of Congolese refugees fleeing fighting in their country.

Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Nickson Chilangwa, says government is doing all it can to ensure that the people in Mansa are safe following the entry of over 400 refugees into the country using the Matanda crossing point.

The refugees have settled in Chipente village in Chief Matanda’s area in Chembe.

Mr. Chilangwa says Zambia for so many years has been a haven of peace and the refugees are welcome to stay in the country until such a time when the confusion in their country is over, as long as they will not be a danger to the local people.

He says government will provide the necessary security in Luapula Province to ensure that the refugees do not become a danger to national security.

Luapula Province commissioner of police Malcolm Mulenga had revealed that more than four hundred nationals of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) fleeing unrest in their country have entered Zambia through Luapula seeking asylum.