Mabenga advises Sata to deal with the intra-party violence

Michael Mabenga

Former Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Chairman Michael Mabenga has advised President Michael Sata not to take a Luke-warm approach towards the intra-party violence in the Patriotic Front.

Mr Mabenga wonders why President Sata who he says he has known to be a proactive person has been so silent on the Patriotic Front intra-party violence and confusion.

He stresses that it is unfortunate that Patriotic Front members have resorted to hurting and killing each other.

He has called on President Michael Sata to reassert his authority in the party and be firm.

Mr. Mabenga notes that if the president does not act now to stop the violence, it will spill over to other parts of the country and innocent people will be affected.