Directive to print ten copies of final draft constitution is suspicious – Magande

NMP president Ng'andu Magande
NMP president Ng'andu Magande

National Movement for Progress (NMP) president Ng’andu Magande says the PF Government’s directive to the technical committee drafting the constitution to print only ten copies of the final draft is suspicious.

Mr Magande says not even vice president Guy Scott’s explanation that the copies are for ceremonial purposes will remove the suspicion created.

He says Zambians are only interested in knowing the contents of the final draft constitution and not the printing of ceremonial copies to hand over to the head of state.

Mr. Magande states that the logical thing government should do is to allow the printing of the initial number of copies intended for release to the public in order to allay any suspicions.

The NMP president was speaking to Qfm in a telephone interview.