Govt launches commencement of 2013-2014 farming season

Agriculture Minister Robert Sichinga
Government has announced the official commencement of the 2013-2014 farming season.

Agriculture Minister Robert Sichinga made the announcement in a ministerial statement this afternoon.

Mr. Sichinga says consultations his Ministry has had with the Meteorological Department on the country’s weather forecast have revealed that in long term, Zambia will experience normal rainfall with some regional variations.

Mr. Sichinga says such regional variations are already in some areas such as Southern, Central, Lusaka, Eastern and the Copperbelt provinces as well as South Western parts of Muchinga province where rains have not been adequate to support the planting of crops.

Mr. Sichinga says the Meteorological Department has also advised that when the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) which triggers Zambia’s rain fall is adequately established the nation will be advised appropriately.

And Mr. Sichinga has further stated that his Ministry’s District Agricultural Coordinating Officers are also well positioned to advice on suitable varieties and planting times in the individual regions of the country.