Anthrax Outbreak Infects Nine In Luampa District

anthrax vaccination
anthrax vaccination

An outbreak of the serious bacterial disease, anthrax, has decimated three herds of cattle and sickened at least nine people in the Luampa district of Western Province in Zambia,according to a Post Online report Sunday (Zambia time).

The nine individuals, who presented localized symptoms of swelling of upper lips, legs, face and heads, were admitted to a local hospital, treated and are recovering from their infections, likely cutaneous anthrax.

It is likely the infected individuals contracted the anthrax bacillus through the consumption of infected meat.

Kaoma district senior environmental health technologist, Akatama Inambao said a teamof health experts had already been dispatched to the area in order to contain the disease and carry out health education meetings on the dangers of eating anthrax-infested meat and its devastating effects.

According to a Tropical Medical Bureau post, anthrax is a constant cattle risk in Western Province, with 2 outbreaks and 6 cases in 2006; in 2007, 4 outbreaks, 15 bovine cases, and 6 human cases; 2008, 6 outbreaks, 14 cattle affected; 2009, 3 outbreaks, 5 cattle affected; 2010, 6 outbreaks, 25 cattle affected; 2011, 1 outbreak, 1 cow affected; and in 2012, 2 outbreaks and 2 cattle affected.

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  1. Hey!!! Hey!!! ANTHRAX is no Sunday School Joke. This is so serious that a few counties even store in cashe as chemical weapon. An official statement from the authorities.