Lusaka family shocker: accident victim dumped at cemetery

A LUSAKA family is in shock after discovering that their relative was dumped at Leopards Hill Cemetery after being hit by a motor vehicle.

What appeared to be a good gesture by a minibus crew turned out to be an evil act as Mr Joseph Mwewa was dumped at the graveyard by people who were supposed to rush him to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

Mr Mwewa, 56, was riding his bicycle from Chilenje to Bauleni Township around 19:00 hours when he was hit by an unknown motor vehicle driven by an unidentified female on Leopards Hill Road.
According to his nephew Ignatius Kabosha, when Mr Mwewa was hit by the motor vehicle, a minibus that was behind also stopped in what appeared to be genuine concern over the accident.
When the woman decided to take Mr Mwewa to UTH, the bus crew, Daniel Matika, the driver, and conductor Francis Phiri offered to take him, saying that the woman’s motor vehicle was too small to carry both the victim and his bicycle.
At this point the woman gave the bus crew K100 as a token of appreciation for their assistance, thinking the man she had hit would safely be taken to the hospital as expected.
Mr Kabosha said when the bus crew took Mr Mwewa, who was unconscious, and loaded him onto their bus, they searched his pockets and took two cellular phones and the money he had before dumping him at Leopards Hill cemetery.
Mr Mwewa was only discovered still in an unconscious state by passersby who rushed him to UTH.
Mr Kabosha said the driver of the minibus went away with Mr Mwewa’s phones while the conductor got the bicycle, which he decided to take to his (conductor’s) relatives in Bauleni Township.
Apparently, the bicycle was taken to an area where Mr Mwewa had been staying and a few days later his children saw their father’s bicycle being used by someone.
Mr Kabosha said when the person who was riding the bicycle was approached, he said it was brought by his uncle, the minibus conductor.
Mr Kabosha said Mr Mwewa’s family then decided to take the person who was riding the bicycle to Woodlands Police Station where the minibus conductor was also brought and he positively identified the bicycle and explained how he obtained it.
He said the family was disturbed that people could think of dumping an injured person at the graveyard.
Mr Kabosha said it was going to be better to leave Mr Mwewa with the person who had hit him.
The incident occurred last month, and although Mr Mwewa stayed for some days at UTH, he died after some days because of the time he spent at the graveyard without medical attention.
The minibus conductor has since been jailed for 24 months while the driver is still appearing before court.