German investors lured

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GERMAN investors are encouraged to invest in Zambia because of its long history of political stability and the huge economic potential, German Ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke has said.

Mr Finke said the increase in the number of German companies to do business in Zambia was due to the huge  economic  potential the country offered and the continued peace.
He further cited Zambia’s impressive growth rates.
Mr Finke said in interview that the businesspeople feel encouraged to invest in a country which has a long  history of political stability and where ethnic communities live together  peacefully.
“I am encouraged by the increased interest of German companies to do business in Zambia. When I ask members of  the German business  community about their motives  to come to Zambia, the answer is  mostly  the same, for example  they are  encouraged by  Zambia’s huge economic potential, “he said.
He said that he was confident that there would be more German businessexecutives and  women  coming to Zambia.
The envoy said he was hopeful that the German-Zambian investment protection treaty would provide a reliable basis for German investment.
Mr  Finke  said during his first year as  ambassador to Zambia he was struck by a huge variety of issues which define the long-standing  relationship between Germany and  Zambia.
He said the two country’s relationship was based on development cooperation to trade and commerce as well as  foreign  policy issues of cultural affairs.