10 day ultimatum to truck drivers who park trucks on Mungwi and Buyantashi roads

trucks at border
trucks at border
MATERO member of Parliament Miles Sampa has issued a 10-day ultimatum in which drivers should stop parking trucks on Mungwi and Buyantashi roads while waiting to offload fuel and other cargo.

Mr Sampa, who is also Deputy Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, said if the drivers fail to comply with the 10- day ultimatum, him and other people in his constituency will effect citizens’ arrests on erring drivers.
He said this in a letter dated October 15, 2013 addressed to Mungwi and Buyantashi roads users.
“Henceforth, I am giving 10 days’ notice period to all truck drivers who use Mungwi, Buyantashi and other roads in Matero constituency to adhere strictly to the provisions of the law.
“Truck drivers are advised to drive into Mungwi, Bunyantashi and other roads only when their respective depots are ready for loading or offloading of inflammable fuel and other goods,” Mr Sampa said.
Statutory Instrument number 44 of 2007 of the Ministry of Local Government and Housing item 20 states that heavy vehicle parking in an unauthorised place, loading and offloading in undesignated premises is an offence and shall attract penalties.
Mr Sampa said parking of trucks along the roads is a major risk not only to Matero residents but also other motorists.
“This is because the fuel in trucks is highly inflammable and more so in the summer heat,” he said.
Mr Sampa said because of parking of trucks on Mungwi, Bunyantashi and other roads, there is traffic congestion which has made it difficult for anyone to conduct normal business in the industrial area.