People voted for the PF to bring good to the majority – Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says the stewardship that the patriotic front were given by the people of Zambia was intended to bring good to the majority of the people and not fulfill their selfish desires.

Mr. Mulongoti told Q fm in an interview that comparing the president’s salary in the region is not a right comparison citing that such kind of comparison is a mark of deceit.

Mr. Mulongoti notes that they should compare the salaries with the Zambian standards and not running to the region adding that the country is not answerable to the region over salaries that the country pays its leaders.

He states that the President and Ministers enjoy a lot of free services hence an increment is not an urgent need stressing that they are issues that need urgent attention in the country which that increment given to their salaries should have been diverted to.

Mr. Mulongoti adds that it unfair that the government wants to freeze for two years for the poor Zambians when they have already given themselves sufficient money to cover the two years.

He has further appealed to the patriotic front to realize why they were put in power instead of letting their self interest come first.