Artist Highlight : CHANSA



Originally from Zambia, Africa, Chansa’s life has led him to various parts of the world. It is this exposure to othercultures, that has led him to acquire a unique perspective and thus, a unique sound. Hip-hop meets electronica, sprinkled with dub-step, mixed with afropop, in addition to jungle, tinged with funky house, rock and roll and soul, his influences are many. So are his stories…

“If Europe had a love child with Africa, only to give it up for adoption to be raised by North America, Chansa is what that child would sound like. ”


Chansa has been busy in the studio crafting what will be his debut musical release, an EP titled “Baptism By Fire”. The first single off his EP is titled “Immigrant”, featuring the vocalist/studio engineer extraordinaire, Gord Richards, of Oak Recording Studio in Toronto. Officially released on June 25th, 2013, it is available on iTunes, as well as Bandcamp and you can listen to it on the ‘SOUNDS’ section of this site. Being an immigrant himself, the topic of immigration is one that he would like for there to be more discussion about, considering how controversial of a topic it seems to be. Music, to him, is the ultimate platform for him to share his many stories and experiences with the world, the kind of stories which perhaps a majority of people will only be hearing for the very first time.

Apart from being a talented rapper, Chansa is also an accomplished songwriter, having written for and worked with artists outside of the genre of hip-hop/rap. He has written for artists in Africa, Australia, Europe (he lived in Scandinavia for a while), the United States and Canada. He is actively seeking to work/collaborate with like minded artists and just recently co-wrote a song with the very talented Torontonian artist, JP Saxe. Expect more exciting collaborations in the very near future!