Davies Chama says he would have moved a motion to remove Kabimba

Former Patriotic Front Lusaka provincial chairman Davies Chama says he would have personally moved a motion to remove PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba had he been a member of the party’s central Committee.

Mr. Chama has told Qfm News that Mr. Kabimba’s comments that those against him are street kids are and uncalled for.

Mr. Chama says the majority of street kids and tribalists is what Mr. Kabimba had seen during the consultative meeting where ten provinces openly rejected him.

He adds that Mr. Kabimba is not doing himself any good by being arrogant because his name is no longer in the minds of the people who he has called names after elevating him.

Mr. Chama says as a senior member of the party, he wants to see Mr. Kabimba step down peacefully.