Nevers Mumba must moderate language

THE manner in which some of our opposition leaders are behaving leaves much to be desired and we urge them to be civil and moderate in the language they are using to criticise government leaders.

There should be humility even in politics. it is high time politicians started discussing issue and not personalities as some politicians are conducting themselves.
We want to see a situation where opposition leaders and office holders discuss development issues instead of attacking government officials creating unnecessary tension in the country without reasonable cause.
Zambia has been enjoying peace since independence and we do not want to see it being disturbed by power-hungry politicians who want to cheat the world that Zambia is facing a political crisis.
We have respect for many opposition leaders but there are a few disgruntled ones in the habit of using foul language in the mistaken sense that they will endear themselves with voters.
We want to advise politicians such as Dr Nevers Mumba to avoid being confrontational, angry all the time and practising acrimonious politics  which do not serve anyone let alone his own political party.
Winning a few parliamentary elections should not embolden him to a point of using words such as ‘utter stupidity’ or calling those in power names in the name of democracy or freedom of speech.
All peace-loving Zambians who want to champion democracy must condemn some of these opposition leaders who will stop at nothing to want to embarrass ruling party leaders just because they have platform to speak from.
This is why we agree with Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu, who has advised Dr Mumba to be careful with his mouth and avoid accusing others of being kings of confusion or calling action of government agencies as utter stupidity, which he has done before.
How can a man of God say “I am a pastor and I am supposed to choose words I use but I am asking God to allow me to use the word ‘stupidity’, utter stupidity to behave like this.”
It was only last July when the president of Zambians for Empowerment advised Dr Mumba to learn to choose his words but it is clear from the words he continues uttering that he is far from learning.
The problem about some of our opposition politicians is that they are not practising or articulating their party manifestos for the people but they are egoistic and selfish whilst attacking other perceived political enemies who they slander and defame wantonly.
This country is facing serious developmental challenges, including poverty chiefly perpetuated by the previous MMD regime and these are the issues we expect opposition leaders to be addressing by offering alternative solutions to the government.
But instead of this we have senior opposition leaders bent on attacking the President even when he has made serious commitment to develop the country through massive infrastructure development that is taking place throughout the country.
The elections are very far and instead of politicking every time, politicians should use this time to talk about development and build their parties to prepare for the 2016 elections.