Bemba royals stick with Sosala

"chitimukulu " Henry Kanyanta Sosala
THE Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) has maintained proper rites and channels were followed when installing Henry Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

The establishment was responding to assertions made by Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo, who said Government had not gazetted Mr Sosala as Chief Chitimukulu because the BRE did not follow procedure in installing the Bemba traditional leader.
Representative of the BRE and BashiLubemba, a group of traditional councillors that make up the electoral college responsible for the installation of Bemba chiefs, Kabilo Chikwemba said “no stone was left unturned when installing the Chitimukulu.”
Kabilo Chikwemba said the district commissioner of Mungwi, the provincial local government officer (PLGO) and Mungwi District Council officials attended the proceedings leading to the enthronement of Mr Sosala.
He was speaking in an interview in Mungwi yesterday.
“The PLGO wrote the minutes which were given to Chief Chimba who, after going through, appended his signature and returned them,” Mr Chikwemba said.
Chief Chimba is the equivalent of chief administration officer.
He said the BashiLubemba had been following procedure since time immemorial when installing a paramount chief.
Mr Chikwemba, who was speaking in his native Chibemba maintained that it was not the job of the BRE to take minutes.
“Our job ends at appointing and installing…ifya gazette ifyo fyabo,” meaning gazzetting is for Government.
He said as far as the BRE was concerned, the land they call Lubemba was being presided over by Chitimukulu, Mr Sosala.
Professor Luo was quoted in the Post stating that a person could only become a chief after being gazetted by the President and indicated that it had not been the case with Mr Sosala.