Government urged to adress the root cause behind the cancellation of Digital Migration tender

Transparency International Zambia
Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has recommended that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting services addresses the root cause of what led to the cancellation of the digital migration terrestrial system tender.

Transparency International Zambia Executive Director Goodwell Lungu has told Qfm News that government needs to address these issues so that they do not reoccur in future.

Mr. Lungu also notes that while the action taken by the ministry is commendable, leaving the perpetrators of such irregularities to go scot free may pose future potential procurement dangers as the perpetrators may opt to use the same weaknesses that led to the cancellation of the tender.

He stresses that it is Transparency International Zambia’s considered view that the ministry identifies the root cause of such irregularity in the cancelled tender.