Chief rides on Sata’s growth train


CHIEF Mpanshya Kalubangwe II of the Soli people has thanked President Sata for honouring his pledge of declaring Rufunsa a district and has pledged to jump on the ‘presidential development train’.
The chief said this would ease the delivery of goods and services within the district unlike previously when they had to travel to Chongwe to access them.
The chief said: “I have continued to receive information that a clique of my subjects still resists this change but I want to assure the Government and my people that nothing will stop this development train. We are doing it for our children and grandchildren and their children’s children. We can’t continue living in the ancient way, we have to move with time while we preserve our culture.”
He said this in a speech read for him by his secretary Paul Phiri during this year’s Chibwela Kumushi traditional ceremony of the Soli people of Rufunsa.
The Solis hold the annual ceremony to thank God for giving them their staple food – maize and sorghum) – and to signify their return from makeshift homes in the fields to permanent ones after the harvest.
Chief Mpanshya said his subjects are happy to have their own district administration, which has been solving most of their problems that they had to take to Chongwe previously.
“Time and transport costs were a big strain on my people. We now look forward to a full-fledged district with all line ministries present. We still have challenges but jobs have been created and more companies will start operating here. We will also have facilities like banking, a filling station, post office, and big shops in Rufunsa,” he said.
The traditional ruler called on Government to consider distributing farming inputs early to enable the people plant early because the district lies in the low rainfall area.
And Lusaka Province Minister Philip Kosamu has assured the people of Rufunsa district that no one will be displaced by the planned construction of Government offices.
“The PF is a responsible Government and after all it is called Government because of the people. We won’t allow anyone to be displaced. Don’t be cheated by the prophets of doom that you will be displaced,” Mr Kosamu said in his keynote address.
He said Government is obsessed with the desire to improve the livelihood of people in both urban and rural areas and it is for this reason that it has embarked on various development projects.
Earlier, Rufunsa district commissioner Paul Kasongo said 78 new permanent jobs have been created and the recruited employees have already taken up their positions in line ministries.
“Additionally, about 30 people have been employed by Zesco to clear the bushes for the power line project. This will trigger employment opportunities to the people of Rufunsa. We are also eagerly waiting for the construction of a bridge across Lunsemfwa River, and the construction of staff houses and offices to accommodate all line ministries,” Mr Kasongo said.