Chenda explains importance of ICT

Emmanuel Chenda -left

Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Emmanuel Chenda says the sustainable exploitation of resources, together with the facilitation of trade hinges strongly on the success of the Information Communication Technologies (ICT) sector.

Speaking at the high level forum on south to south Economic cooperation for sustainable development in New York, yesterday, under the theme: Investing in broadband for sustainable development, Mr Chenda said alleviation of global poverty and addressing the issues of the vulnerable and marginalised go hand in hand with the ICT imperative.

Mr Chenda noted that the ICT sector is the epitome of globalization and as such, the success of any efforts at harnessing the potential benefits of the global village will in reality be severely restrained by the inability to bring quality ICT connectivity to all nations.

He further noted that improved connectivity through broadband technology has the potential to transform the socio-economic environment in the developing world as it could act as catalyst for employment creation, rural development, and service provision by both government and the private sector.

He pointed out that the situation in Zambia, presents a great opportunity for undertaking the needed ICT transformation.

Mr Chenda said despite the fact that Zambia can boast of a relatively long stretch of connectivity, a large proportion of the population still remains in the dark of communication superhighway.

He also stated that despite the growth in global trade opportunities, Zambians yet to fully respond to the connectivity challenge.

Mr Chenda encouraged partners to join exploiting the yawning infrastructure gaps in the country.