Parliament opens in style

President Sata opened the third session of 11th National Assembly in Lusaka in style

THE spotlight was once again on the Parliament building and its environs yesterday as President Sata opened the third session of 11th National Assembly in Lusaka in style.
People from all walks of life ‘descended’ on the normally serene Parliament grounds to join the ‘resident’ wildlife in witnessing the ceremony.
The President inspected a guard of honour mounted for him by the 2nd Battalion of the Zambia Army as a squadron of fighter jets from the Zambia Air Force roared past in their usual formation.
President Sata, in the company of First Lady Christine Kaseba, arrived at the premises for the ceremony to cultural dances and music from the military brass band.
As usual, the grandeur was as electrifying as it was re-energising.
The impalas, seemingly not to be outwitted by humans, also kept bounding about as traditional dancers and Patriotic Front choirs sung while waiting for the head of State to arrive.
Diplomats, politicians and senior government officials were all present to listen to President Sata’s address to Parliament.
The mayor of Lusaka, Daniel Chisenga, led other mayors and council chairmen from other towns into Parliament.
Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda, and several judges were also present.
At 9:50 hours Vice-President Guy Scott, who is also the leader of Government business in the House, arrived and was received by the Deputy Speaker Mkhondo Lungu.
At 10:20 hours, the gate leading to the Speaker’s Lane was opened as police on horseback escorting the Presidential motorcade entered with much aplomb.
A horde of Patriotic Front cadres burst into chant, shouting “uwesu (our man)”.
The salute troop of the Zambia Army gave a gun salute to show their respect to their Commander-in-Chief.
President Sata then majestically inspected the guard of honour, led by a heavily decorated army officer.
As the President and his wife proceeded into Parliament building accompanied by Mr Matibini, the crowd ululated and shouted their blessings to the first family.
A smiling President Sata waved back, much to their amusement.
While the President was giving his speech, liberally sprinkled with humour inside the House, there was no dull moment outside.
The cadres danced as well as listened to the address through a large speaker that had strategically been placed on Parliament grounds.
National Revolutionary Party president Cosmo Mumba entertained the crowds as he danced with PF cadres and other dance troupes.
“This is indeed a brilliant day for the PF and the President’s speech has set out clear issues. He talked about sector after sector,” said LustoneMumba after 70 minutes of President Sata’s address to Parliament.
Now it remains for members of Parliament to debate with patriotism the many issues that affect this nation and one thing is for sure; impalas will not participate in this.