Namugala will remain expelled until she repents – Nevers

Catherine Namugala ( left)
MMD president Nevers Mumba says Mafinga Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala will remain expelled from the party not until she openly admits her wrongs.

Ms Namugla played a pivotal role in the MMD victory in the recent Thendere ward by-election in Mafinga where she campaigned hard for the ruling party.

Dr Mumba says it is imperative for Ms Namugala to admit her wrongs and ask for forgiveness before being considered for admission back into the party fold.

He says calls for Ms Namugala to be re-integrated in the party will not be considered until she is repentant.

Dr. Mumba says if the MMD National Executive Committee is approached and Ms Namugala is repentant, the party will consider lifting her expulsion.

In January, MMD president Nevers Mumba expelled Namugala from the party for gross misconduct.

But Namugala rubbished her expulsion from MMD, saying it was illegal. She has since challenged her expulsion from the party in the courts of law.