Zambia’s failure to utilise Stockholm space unsettles minister

Drinking Water, Water Supply, Fresh Water
Drinking Water, Water Supply, Fresh Water

MINES, Energy and Water Development Deputy Minister Charles Zulu has expressed disappointment on Zambia’s failure to utilise its space at the just ended Stockholm week of water development in Sweden.

A Zambian delegation attended the just-ended Stockholm week of water development in Sweden where representatives from well-known international organisations, funding projects in clean water distribution, were present.
At last year’s conference in Stockholm, Zambia was allocated a small exhibition stand but attracted many international funders due to extra-ordinary decorative and informative materials at the stand.
According to a statement released by First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Sweden, George Mubanga, Zambia failed to fully utilise the larger space allocated at the event.
The deputy minister, who is Luangeni Member of Parliament, emphasised the importance of establishing the lapses that saw the bigger space allocated to Zambia being empty.
He reiterated the resolve by the Patriotic Front (PF) Government to distribute clean water to all citizens.
Mr Zulu led a delegation from his ministry at this year’s conference.
Local Government and Housing deputy minister John Kufuna, who also led a delegation from his ministry, said UNESCO had given Zambia US$50 million for improving water management in Zambia.
Mr Kufuna said his ministry would work together with the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Water development to ensure that part of the funds from UNESCO was used to construct dams, sink boreholes and water reservoirs in areas hit by shortage of the commodity.
He said the two ministries would also make sure that the reserved water is distributed to residents living in urban, peri-urban and rural areas, in line with Government’s priority for every Zambian to have access to clean water.