Fashion Highlight: Rosemary Mutale


Who is Rosemary Mutale?
Rose, as most of her friends call her, is Zambian based in the United States. She is the fifth born in the family of six beautiful girls. She originates from a humble background. Her home soil is Lusaka-Chelston. She keeps laughing at herself whenever she remembers her schools days at Kabulonga girls, “I miss those uniforms I used to wear, called Jim dress,” She says, “Haha! It’s very fun, I have come from afar. Do they still wear those dresses in schools?” asked Rose.

TM: What have you studied?
Rosemary Mutale (RM): “Ah . . . I don’t want to say,” smiled Rose. “I have a degree in Clinical laboratory science and plan to do a Masters in Public Health. This will help me be of use to my people in Zambia.”

TM: Why promoting breast cancer awareness?
RM: “Having seeing someone die of breast cancer while I was in Zambia has not left my mind. It affects me badly whenever I hear someone is dying from this preventable disease,” says Rose. As such, she is affected seeing young females die of breast cancer thus she has passion to setup a foundation that will help the venerable females in Zambia. Why Zambia? “Charity begins at home. I have to help my own people. Why look further and yet the problem is at home, Zambia,” Rose says.


TM: What do you do at your leisure time?
RM: “I do enjoy swimming, traveling, listening to Zambian music and others, watching movies (Dorika).Thus, I always ask my friend to send Zambian music and comedy. I have an insatiable curiosity for fashion trends.”

TM: If someone met you, what should they anticipate?
RM: “I am ambitious, spontaneous, outgoing, honest and fun person, etc.”

TM: You are not known to many Zambians and I clearly followed you participation in the Miss Africa USA 2013. When was it?
“Ah! It was on Saturday June 29th 2013. I can proudly say I ambulatory represented Zambia on the red carpet function in Silver Spring Maryland- USA. I was among the 21 finalists from all over Africa. I had an audience with Miss Universe 2011 winner Laila Lopes,” said Rose.

TM: Why did you choose the breast cancer platform?
RM: “My platform for Miss Africa USA 2013 was Promoting Awareness and Fighting against Breast Cancer. I chose this theme because I am fully aware that breast cancer is a growing problem not only in Zambia but in most African nations. As such, I would like to equip women with the necessary knowledge of the early signs of breast cancer and the important steps they should take when they notice the signs,” said Rose.


TM: Anything for the young women out there?
RM: “Breast cancer is tangible and is upsetting everyone. We all have responsibility towards each other.” For married couples, “I encourage men to kindly encourage their wives to do screening and your daughters or nieces. Just like our folks (men) have proudly walked into the many clinics and hospitals and done male circumcision, we too females can walk with our heads high and know our bodies.”

TM: Anything more?
RM: “Together we can win and reduce the risks of breast cancer. Young females don’t be afraid of your own bodies. Doctors are there to help us.”

Interview By: Tembo Micheal (USA)