Don’t concentrate on arresting people but educate them, DEC urged!

RECAPTURED: Two condemned prisoners (in white) Derrick Mwape (left) and Shadreck Phiri who recently escaped from Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison being sent back to their cell at the same prison in Kabwe yesterday. – Picture by ANGELA MWENDA.(Daily Mail)
Prisons Care and Counseling Association (PRISCCA) Executive Director, Godfrey Malembeka, says DEC should not only concentrate on arresting people engaging in drug trafficking abuse and throwing them into prison but also focus educating the public on the dangers of engaging is such vices.

Mr. Malembeka notes that most of the funds given to the DEC by government and other donors are pumped into buying vehicles and other ventures used to arrest people instead of sensitization campaigns.

He says there is need for the Commission to urgently re-visit their education campaign policy and embark on a number of projects aimed at educating people on the dangers of drug trafficking.

Mr. Malembeka says arresting and filling prisons with people convicted on drug related offences is not the solution to stop them from engaging in such vices but that the answer lies in educating them and making them understand the effects of drug trafficking and abuse.