Kabwe Catholic bishop calls for more peace preachers

Bishop Clement Mulenga
Bishop Clement Mulenga
Bishop Clement Mulenga

CATHOLIC Diocese of Kabwe Bishop Clement Mulenga says there is need to pray to God so that the world can have many people who are preaching peace.
Bishop Mulenga, who celebrated mass at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Kabwe on Sunday, asked the congregation to pray for peace to prevail in countries experiencing civil wars and other conflicts.
Bishop Mulenga noted with concern conflicts going on in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Somalia, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo as well Boko Haram’s and the Lord’s Resistance Army attacks in Nigeria and Uganda respectively.
“Whoever causes these atrocities will come up with excesses. A lot of violence is going on,” he said.
Bishop Mulenga also said God did not send Jesus Christ on earth to bring violence or division but to reveal God’s children and those serving the devil.
Bishop Mulenga said what divides people is good and evil.
“Jesus did not come to bring violence. Jesus came on earth to reveal the children of God,” he said.