PF should stop running the party like a company – Chief Chimbuka

Chief Chimbuka of the Bemba speaking people in Chinsali district has advised the Patriotic Font Leadership to stop running the party like a company.

The traditional leader who himself said he is a staunch PF member observes that this has led to many people who were sympathetic to the ruling party leaving.

He says the ruling party should work at getting back to the people especially in rural areas if the party is to survive.

Chief Chimbuka who opted to use his native language in an interview with QFM says he is speaking from experience having seen what is going on in the ruling party.

Chief Chimbuka adds that the people on the grassroots are not with the ruling party because they feel abandoned after voting for the ruling party in the 2011 elections.

He says he feels very sorry for the Patriotic Front, urging those at secretariat and the provincial to work extremely hard to move the party forward.