Lusaka firm given pay ultimatum

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Lusaka firm given pay ultimatum

Luwingu, July 17, 2013, ZANIS- Government has issued a one week ultimatum to a Lusaka based company to pay casual workers engaged to clear bushes under the rural electrification programme in luwingu district in the northern province.


District administrative officer Deodatus Munsungwe issued the ultimatum to BERENES Company Limited after the causal workers stormed his office today demanding their payments from the company.


The workers said the company engaged them to do the bush clearing along Luwingu Ipusukilo-Catholic Mission, Luwingu- Njeke and Luwingu-Makolongo roads but that they have not been paid despite doing over 90 per cent of the work.


The workers complained that they had not signed any written document but are aware that the verbal contract was equally binding .


And DAO Mr Munsungwe said the causal workers have exhausted all means of contacting the manager from Lusaka to get information regarding their pay but has proved futile.


He assured the casual workers that his office would follow up the matter with keen interest to conclude it in their interest.


“There is no way you can stay for five months without receiving your hard earned money. Leave the matter with me and I will deal with it with keen interest,” he added.

Berenes company limited was engaged by the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) under rural electrification to do bush clearing along the would be ZESCO pole lines to supply electricity to the identified areas.


He said that PF government was busy working on campaign promises such as road construction, health and education infrastructure development in the area and will therefore not allow anyone to swindle innocent workers.


“PF government is spending sleepless nights planning for the district and if such companies are in the district to deter development we shall not take kindly of their under performance,” he said.


Mr Munsungwe said government through the ministry of mines energy water development has embarked on rural electrification in luwingu district in the Northern Province in order to light many areas which were neglected by the past governments.


He said the areas earmarked for rural electrification are Ipusukilo mission, Njeke, Makolongo and Laurent Chita in chief chipalo area.