Govt to launched computerised land operation system

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—-Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister, Wilbur Simusa, says government will launch a computerised land operation system in two weeks time .

Mr Simusa explained that the computerised land operation systems will help government restore sanity in the manner land is allocated in the country.


The minister said the computerised land operation systems will have its main server in Lusaka, with terminals in all provincial capitals.


Mr Simusa said this system will make it easy for people to apply for land and make land rate transactions electronically, thereby reducing travel expenses on citizens.


He further explained that the computerised land operation server will be controlled in Lusaka but added that this system will also enable the Ministry of Lands to create a website where people can check information pertaining to land and find out which places are open for development in their particular areas.


Mr Simusa, however, expressed disappointment in the manner land audit has been carried out in the country.


He stated that as of today only about 20 per cent of property is registered across the country.


The minister wondered whether government and the Zambian people should be at ease without knowing people that own the huge chunks of land and property that is doted across the country.


He said t is sad that Zambia has for a long time lived without taking account of its land and activities taking place on its environment.


The minister said because of this bad record the Patriotic Front government will this year further introduce a nationwide land audit which will enable the country to take account of how much land is remaining and further find out people that own land in the country.


Meanwhile, Mr Simusa cautioned people across the country against engaging into illegal activities, such as land allocation, adding the PF government will not shield any person found wanting despite the political party lineage.


Mr Simusa further said government is working on modalities of reducing the time it takes for one to get a title deed for their property.


He said government wishes to see a situation where people get title to their property within a period of three weeks from the date of full submission of documents.


He observed that many people have lost their property has a result of failing to acquire title in good time.