Govt. commends mining firms in Mansa District

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Govt. commends mining firms in Mansa District


Mansa,  July 15, 2013,  ZANIS —-   A civic leader in Mansa District has commended mining firms in chieftainess Kalaba’s chiefdom for employing the local people.




Myulu ward councilor Wilbroad Kaluba says the move by the mining firms to employ locals is in line with the PF manifesto of job creation to the Zambian people.




Mr. Kaluba has since called on mining firms in the area to work closely with the community around them through cooperate social responsibility and ensure that the community benefits from the mines.




He said it is sad that some roads in areas where there are mines are damaged and the mining firms are not coming in to work on the roads.




ZANIS reports that the Myulu ward councilor said this in an interview in Mansa District, today.



Mr. Kaluba warned the mining firms against leaving pits that are a danger to the community around the mining the area.  




He says the people in his ward are happy with government intervention in the provision of clean water through the Rural Water and Sanitation Supply.



Mr. Kaluba has since called on the community to support the government through protecting the facilities that are being put up for them.



Mansa District has a number of mining firms engaged in the mining of manganese.