ZRL formulating business strategic plan

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The management of the Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) has started formulating the company’s first business strategic plan since government repossessed it in September last year.


The strategic plan will determine the way forward for the company.


ZRL Chief Executive Officer Muyenga Atanga said the formulation of a plan follows an analysis of the current business and industry situation.


Dr. Atanga was speaking during the official opening of a six day workshop for ZRL managers and directors in Lusaka today.


He was however quick to point out that the railway company has not done away with its former Chief Executive Officer Clive Chirwa’s plans for ZRL.


He said the analysis will determine whether or not the company should still go ahead with Professor Chirwa’s plans.


Dr. Atanga further explained that the strategic plan will endeavor to find ways of making ZRL cost effective, more efficient and compete favourably for its survival.


He disclosed that the company has the capacity to transport five million metric tonnes of cargo per year, a freight quantity he said can provide enough revenue for the company.


He noted that it was unfortunate that currently, the company was only transporting 1.135 million metric tonnes of cargo annually.


Dr. Atanga said there was need to move away from the notion that public companies cannot generate revenue noting that ZRL has the capacity to generate its own revenue.


He has since urged the directors and managers to work hard and ensure that the draft document was in place by Saturday this week.