Limata cautions parents, teachers against child labour

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—- Gender and Child Development Deputy Minister Josephine Limata has cautioned teachers and parents to desist from engaging in child labour and corporal punishment to pupils.

Ms Limata said it is not acceptable under the PF government for a teacher or parent to give a child corporal punishment or engage pupils below the age of 18 into child labour.

The Deputy Minister warned that any teacher or parent that will be found practicing such vices will be dealt with by law.

Ms Limata also urged women to be self reliant and avoid over dependence on men.

She said the PF government is a pro-poor government that wants to empower the vulnerable in society especially rural women hence the provision of Women Empowerment Funds which the women folk should take advantage of.

Ms Limata said women should form groups and come up with business projects on which they will request funds for.

The Gender Deputy Minister also took time to advise parents to avoid marrying off young girls.

She said early marriages retards development as children married at tender age will never prosper as they will become parents without resources to support their off springs thereby adding to the chain of poverty in their homes and community at large.

She said government does not tolerate early marriages involving a girl child who is under 18 years as the practice is against the law.

Ms Limata further said government will intervene on matters of early marriages and take responsibilities of taking the child back to school and the consequences will be with the parents to take back the dowry.

The Deputy Minister gave the advices to teachers and parents alike when she addressed the gathering at Teta Primary school and in the council chamber accompanied by Gender and Child Development Acting Director Nicholas Banda, Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwelwa, and other senior government and party officials.