Early input distribution cheers Chieftainess Mungule

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Early input distribution cheers Chieftainess Mungule

Chibombo, Jun 18/13 ZANIS————-Chieftainess Mungule of Chibombo district in Central Province   is happy with government’s pronouncement that distribution of agricultural inputs
will start soon.

Chieftainess Mungule said many farmers in her chiefdom are looking forward to seeing government start the distribution of basal fertilizers first which was required most at planting stage.

She told ZANIS in an interview that the PF government seemed to be serious in trying to improve things in agriculture, a move that she observed would boost food production.

The traditional leader said the system of delivering agricultural inputs late has been irritating her as it contributed much to poor yields because farmers had sometimes been receiving basal dressing fertilizer long after the maize had been planted.

Chieftainess Mungule further said at times it had been disturbing when top dressing arrived first contrary to farmers planning programs and in the end, most farmers suffered heavy losses.

“It pains me a lot to see people work so hard in their fields but receive their fertilizers late yet if they receive the inputs in time, they would have good harvest for their consumption and even enough for their income,” she said.

She urged government to live up to its promise and ensure delivery of basal dressing commences this month going by what agriculture minister, Bob Sichinga’s  announcement early this month.

Meanwhile, chiefs in Itezhitezhi have appealed to government to hold a meeting with traditional rulers in the district to resolve traditional boundary disputes.

Chiefs Kaingu and Shimbizhi told ZANIS that they were disappointed that some disputes have taken long to be resolved thereby deepening boundary wrangles.

The two chiefs sited the boundary disputes between themselves which they said have been going on between their peoples since 1986.

“It is not healthy to have wrangles lasting for over 25 years unresolved. We wonder where the survey department is because these are the people who are supposed to provide maps that show the boundaries,” said chief Kaingu.

The two traditional leaders urged government to help end such wrangles by providing the necessary maps that clearly show boundaries.