Chirundu youths thank Sata

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—–Patriotic Front (PF) youths in Chirundu have thanked President Michael Sata and his government for the efforts that are being put in place to develop Chirundu district.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview this morning Chirundu District Youth chairperson, Gera Salin, observed that from the time Chirundu was created as a district and aligned to Lusaka Province, so many projects are being implemented in the new district.

Salin cited road maintenance within the township, the construction of a bridge at the pontoon which would ease the transportation system from Chirundu to Lusaka and putting up of street lighting in the area as some of the projects under implementation.

"We are very happy that our President, Michael Sata, is closer to us. This is what we want as youths in Chirundu. Because of PF government we able to access Youth Development Fund which we never used to access in MMD government," said Salin.

He narrated that from the way back Chirundu was abandoned by the previous administrations.

Meanwhile, Salin has called on all opposition political parties in Chirundu to work with the PF government in order to foster development in the area.

He said that criticising government developmental projects by some opposition political parties in the area was a sheer waste of time.

Salin said there was need for opposition political parties to support government in implementing developmental projects for the betterment of the people.

And Salin has urged civil servants in the district to work according to the PF manifesto and improve on the service delivery.

He said the PF party in the district would not hesitate to deal with any government institution that would be reported failing to provide good services to the people in the area.

"It is sad that there are still civil servants who have MMD mentality and corrupt element in civil service here.


I am just appealing to the line ministries to come and work on these problems otherwise it is not a good trend," he said.