Solwezi council to increase garbage collection by 50%

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The Solwezi municipal council is expected to increase its garbage collection capacity by 50 per cent following its award of a KR3.9 million waste management contract.


Solwezi Council Town Clerk Ronald Daka said the district was facing challenges in solid waste management resulting from an increased population due to urbanization.


Mr. Daka told ZANIS that Solwezi has in the recent past recorded population growth because of the growing economic activities from mining in Lumwana and Kalumbila.


He bemoaned the high levels of irresponsibility on the part of the members of the public through littering.


He said the people consider garbage collection as a sole responsibility of local authorities.


Mr. Daka said waste management has continued to remain a challenge on local authorities due to the high cost involved in the exercise.


He stated that Solwezi municipal council, in partnership with the private sector, has embarked on a sustainable waste management project which will not only involve collection, transportation and disposal of garbage but also sorting and reusing solid waste as enhanced management.


He has since discouraged the use of bad waste disposal methods such as burning which he said has adverse effects not only on the environment but also on human health.


Two days ago, the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) through its Interim Environment Fund (IEF) awarded Solwezi municipal council with KR3.9 million for its waste management project.