Kalabo residents assured of PF’s determination to develop the district

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-Kalabo Central UPND area Member of Parliament Chinga Miyutu says the PF government is determined to bring development in Kalabo district.

Speaking in Ufufu when he addressed a public meeting, Mr Miyutu said the previous governments neglected Kalabo hence the poor road infrastructure in the district.

He said the poor road network in the district made it difficult for farmers to transport their produce to the markets.

Mr Miyutu said since independence Kalabo has had no roads to boost about as the district was neglected by the past government regime.

He explained that the sad development prompted government to phase out fuel and maize subsidies so as to channel the funds in developing rural roads.

Mr Miyutu who is also Sports and Youth Deputy Minister stressed that investment will only be attracted to rural areas once good roads are constructed.

The deputy minister assured the locals that the removal of subsidies is not meant to make citizens suffer but a means to serve money to develop rural areas.

And speaking at the same meeting, Kalabo District Commissioner Irene Mate said the PF wants all under developed district to be developed.

Mrs Mate stated that for development to take place government needs to serve funds that will go towards the construction of clinics, schools and roads.

Meanwhile the District Commissioner implored the youths in Ufufu to take advantage of the youth skills centre to be opened in Kalabo Boma.

She said the skills centre will provide life skills to youths who have not completed grade 12.