‘Ignore critics’, Miyutu tells Kalabo residents

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Kalabo Central opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Member of Parliament (MP) Chinga Miyutu has advised people of Nangumba community not to pay attention to detractors that are  condemning government for removing fuel and maize subsidies.

Addressing a public meeting at Nangumba basic school in Kalabo yesterday, Mr. Miyutu, who is also Youth and Sport Deputy Minister, said the removal of subsidies would enable government save resources that will be used to build roads, primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions and health centres in rural areas.

He explained that maize and fuel subsidies had only been benefitting people living in urban areas and not those in rural areas hence government decided to remove them.

He told the audience that for government to undertake infrastructure development, huge sums of money were required.

Mr. Miyutu said the critics speaking against the removal of subsidies were those that benefited more than Kalabo residents.

He said the bold decision taken by President Michael Sata and his government was painful but would in the long run benefit everyone and impact positively on rural communities.

And speaking earlier at the same gathering, Kalabo District Commission Irene Mate urged people in the area to prepare for unprecedented development that would be stimulated by the savings from the removal of fuel and maize subsidies.

Mrs. Mate explained that Kalabo stands to benefit more from the resources that would be saved from the removal of subsidies because of the many projects taking place there.

She cited the electrification of Sikongo district in Western province and the tarring of Kalabo township roads as some of the projects which will require huge sums of money to undertake.