Macky 2, Chef 187 face off

Macky 2



Macky 2
Macky 2

THEY might be brothers but when it comes to music, fans have separated them and made them into nemesis.

Though Mulaza Kaira aka Macky II and his younger brother Kondwani aka Chef sing as partners and brothers, young and middle-aged fans have been comparing the two rappers with others taking sides, a move that attracted a huge crowd to Lusaka’s Eastpoint Discotheque when the two shared the stage for the first time in Lusaka last Friday night.

The rappers have featured each other in their songs but fans still compare them and many youths are now putting Chef 187 ahead of his controversial brother.

“You are only the best in the eyes of your fans and not others,” said Chef after being asked on what he thinks of the people’s views.

“I think Macky II’s music is much more appreciated by the fans than mine as he makes a lot of money more than me,” he added.

Chef 187 said if fans are saying that he is better than his elder brother, then he does good music that the fans like but he doesn’t want to be compared to Macky II.

The show at East Point proved that Macky II is still commanding a larger fan base than his sibling as he received a huge thunderous welcome on stage.

With hits such as Teti Munchinge, Why Aliso, Landlord, and No More Love , Macky II enjoyed a greater share of love from the audience, though at some point, Chef 187, who performed earlier also, had a fair share of applause, especially when he churned out the controversial hit song called Chinkulwa.

Fibili, Amenso Pamo and Foolish Me are some of the songs that have kept Chef 187 in


  1. Both MK & Chef ar gud singers with great voices I still fail to tell whoz singing btwn thm! God bless them both and hold on to each other as they ar broz. My suggetion and addition is tht for such great voices tht God has given u praise him with them!!!!