Tanzania tightens border crossing laws

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-The Immigration Department in Tanzania says any Zambian national entering that country needs to obtain a border pass from the Immigration Department on the Zambian side.

According to a public notice, no Zambian or any foreign national shall be allowed to enter Tanzania without a border pass with immediate effect.

The border pass, to last for one month, shall be obtained from the Immigration office at Nakonde at a fee of K2 only which should be presented to the Immigration Officer at Tunduma upon entry.

The move has, however, brought mixed feelings among many Zambians who, in the past, have been entering and leaving Tanzanian border town of Tunduma without a passport or border pass.

Nakonde District Commissioner, James Singoyi said the Immigration department in Tanzania has communicated to his office so that he can as well inform the travelling public on the Zambian side.

Mr Singoyi said the decision has been taken so as to ensure that there is peace and security on the Nakonde / Tunduma border.

He said Zambians who want to cross the border should present their National Registration Cards (NRC) to the Immigration office at Nakonde in order for them to obtain a border pass at a fee of K2 only.
The District Commissioner added that those with passports only need to have them stamped at Nakonde Immigration office before proceeding to Tanzania.

Mr Singoyi has since advised the cross border traders to ensure that they move with NRCs or passports to enable them obtain border passes at Nakonde before proceeding to Tanzania.

He said the office of the Permanent Secretary in Muchinga has since been informed about these changes.

The Zambia Tanzania border is the only open border in the Central, Southern and East Africa where people used to move freely crossing from one side of the border to the other.

In the past, though the border gates closed officially at 18:00 hours on both ends, people used to move freely from the other side of the border to the other until 07:00 hours in the morning without any harassment.

Tanzania also accepts the Zambian currency as legal tender.