KIFICO workers down tools

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Workers at Zambia’s major manufacturer of poplin products in Kabwe, Central Province, have downed tools to press management to pay their salaries and settle outstanding gratuities.

The workers at Kabwe Industrial Fabrics Company, KIFICO, who have not been paid for 6 months now, are demanding their 6 months salary arrears  and gratuities owed from as far back as 2008.

Operations at KIFICO came to a complete halt as the workers were told to stop working by the Commercial and Industrial Workers of Union of Zambia representatives.

Union President, Robert Musanje told ZANIS in an interview that the workers’ cries are long overdue and that they cannot continue to operate on empty stomachs.

Mr Musanje said the workers at KIFICO have been more than patient but that management seems to be taking their patience for granted.

He, therefore, appealed to government to intervene before the matter escalates to the level where the company will close indefinitely.