Isoka MP explains importance of subsidy removal

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Isoka MP explains importance of subsidy removal

Isoka, June, ZANIS —– Isoka Member of Parliament Malozo Sichone has embarked on a serious sensitization campaign meant to enlighten the citizens in his constituency over government decision to remove fuel and maize subsides.


Addressing the local people and Heads of government departments at the meeting at Presidents park in Isoka yesterday , Mr Sichone  said government meant well to remove the subsides on the  fuel  which was not fully benefiting the people in rural areas.


He explained that by removing the fuel subsides government will project the money that used to be spent on subsides to economic development projects.


Mr Sichone cited tarring township roads, renovations and construction of schools, hospitals and the water projects taking place in Isoka.


He lamented that government was spending huge sums of money on the fuel subsides that had little positive impact.


Mr Sichone revealed that government was spending about KR360 million on subsides every month.


And speaking during the same meeting, Isoka Distrcit Administrative Officer Alex Sinkala has implored civil servants to go and explain fully the issue of removal of subsides on fuel and maize.


Mr Sinkala said the people must be furnished with right information on the removal of subsides on fuel and maize.


Meanwhile, Mary Mukwasa a resident of Isoka has thanked the area member of parliament for taking time to explain to the citizens.