Lukuku counsels opposition parties

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Republican Progressive Party President James Lukuku has called on opposition political parties to put their houses in order so that they can offer constructive checks and balances to the government.

Mr. Lukulu, who was flanked with his vice president Mafuta Phiri and other senior party officials, said it is sad that opposition political parties in the country decide to attack the ruling party when their intra party politics leaves much to be desired.

He said the opposition in any given country plays an important role of ensuring that the ruling party delivers in accordance with the aspirations of the citizens.

He said this during a press briefing at Amaka Lodge in Lusaka on May 30th.

And Mr Lukuku has disclosed that his party will not participate in the fourth five coming parliamentary and Local Government by-elections.

Mr. Lukuku said his party will instead back a political party to be announced soon.

He stated that the Republican Progressive Party is preparing for the 2016 general elections adding that it is currently busy organization itself in readiness for the tripartite elections


  1. I listened to Lukuku speak. He's an eloquent mouth-dribbler and a passion for many young people. But is he trusted to handle public office in the manner we zambians expect